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When it comes to online blogs and websites you need to work with a good and dependable SEO service provider. A company that understands your niche well and works in ensuring that your website or blog ranks high in all Google search engines. Like any other business, your SEO service provider company in Bangladesh offers nothing but the best. And if you looking for SEO service for your website then you are in the right place and all our services are pocket-friendly.


Our company’s mission is to ensure that we take online marketing ownership of tech-driven projects and to offer affordable solutions through consultancy and excellence and in turn help our clients and organization partners succeed in their respective websites and domains.


Transforming online vision to value, we also aim at revolutionizing inceptions in relation to sustainable online business models on your smartphone, cloud, and web marketing. We also have the vision to surpass the online benchmark of accuracy and with high-quality  services to satisfy global customers for years.

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Our team has many years in giving advice and other consultancy information on how to rank high online. We take credit for the quality service each of our team is offering and what we’ve been giving to our customers. In our years of service, we have received a Google partnership. The company has 14 years of service which means we have all you need in the online business.


Industry Experts

Our company has more than 150 active team members all dedicated to giving you quality and accurate information on how to boost your website. Our team members are all guided with our mission of giving quality and power-packed websites that will see our clients benefit from their investments. In addition to this, our team is made of IT specialists people who understand the market and how SEO works.


Proof of Results

With 14 years in service, our company has more than 100k customers who have enrolled in different services all rating our company as the best. You can search online and read some quality satisfaction ratings from clients across the world. These are some of the proof that you are about to make your wisest move by working with us all you need is to enroll and watch your website grow into something big.

Keyword Research

Online is all about coming up with a competitive keyword and one of the things our team concentrates more on our clients’ websites is to ensure we formulate a competitive keyword. This will not only give you a higher search online but an online presence that will see your blog earn some traffic and sales.

SEO Audit

We also help our clients in a monthly audit of blogs and content uploaded on the website. And with many years in the industry, we understand some of the key areas that you can major in to make it in a competitive niche.

On-page SEO

It is of utmost benefit to always optimize all of your content in order to rank your website on the first page. Our main goal is to always work with your team to optimize all the web pages so that your website can increase traffic and some interaction.

Local SEO

This is optimizing your area of specialization, for instance, you are located in Canada and your website is all about CBD our services will customize your local area location so that it can match your content with people around your local market.

Off-page SEO

These are actions taken or done outside of your blog to impact your online rankings within or outside your niche or within your SEO results pages also known as SERPs. This can be accomplished by reputable options on your internet sites, people, competitors, or other businesses. With our services, we ensure no harm can be directed to your website.

Conversion Rate

This is the act of increasing some actions or practices that aim at increasing the number of users who are performing something good or desired actions on your site. Desired actions include buying products, clicking shop now or add to a shopping cart, signing up and referring friends to your site, and clicking important links that aim at improving sales.

Our Speaciality

Why People Love Our Seo Service

Why Choose Us?

We are a SEO provider company that helps companies/ businesses or individual business websites rank high in Google and other platforms. Our specialist or our Elsner packages will help your business with a design and a business-driven approach that will see your company’s online presence increase. We provide for both long-term and short-time boosting by ensuring that your business website has all it takes to be a competitive site in different online sites.

Why Choose Us?

Unlike other services our key role is to ensure that you as a customer enjoy both traffic and sales, we also ensure that your website is turned into a dynamic system that increases both sales and your presence. And if you don’t have a website our team will customize one for your needs and link it with all it needs to make it online.

Our SEO Process in 6 Steps

When starting off your SEO project, what you have to keep in your mind is how you will go about the process effectively. Here’s the SEO process in 6 steps that will significantly increase traffic to your site.

Competition Analysis

You are aware that you will be competing against thousands of other web pages for the same top spot. What are your top competitors doing? What keyword phrases are they using? You have to know all this for better result. Many online tools will let you know research the most used keywords.

SEO Audit

Does your site conform to the set best practice? Have I plagiarized anything? You have to know this. You should make sure that everything on your site follows all the set-out standards. Otherwise, penalties will await you and this is the last thing you would want happening to you.

On-Page Optimization

Client satisfaction is your utmost goal because you know that this will lead to more referrals and consequently more traffic to your site. Think about all the methods that you will use to make the site interesting. Quality content over quantity always ensures enhanced client satisfaction.

Off-Page Optimization

Strive to get quality links pointing to your site as this significantly boosts your traffic. The more backlinks to your site or a particular webpage within your site make search engines conclude that your content is quality. Therefore, your site will rank best on a SERP.

Building your Link Profile

You will want to ensure that you establish a quality link profile. By saying this we mean the quality, relevant, and diverse non-spam links. You can achieve this by ensuring that the links that point to your site are from authoritative and legitimate sources.

Test, Check, Optimize

Before launching, you will want to test your site for any SEO issues. Look for many tools on the web that check for any technical errors so you can correct them. Search for all avenues to optimize the site then test again. It is then that you will be sure to publish a masterpiece.

Our Partners

For quality and other assurance, our company has built some strong partnerships with other service provides all with an aim of giving you. We, therefore, take pride in working and receiving some accolades and recognition by giving unmatched digital and IT solutions from 23 Clutch, Google partner, IT Solution agency, and Metro Power Tech.

SEO Service Features

Most of our services are unmatched and this can be confirmed by our partnership and the recognition we have received from Authorized partner and Top developers of quality. Working with us is more of quality and uniqueness.

Time Consuming

We customize websites that give your readers and clients an easy time by making a user-friendly dashboard where he/she can easily get some assistance if need be. Some of our domains come in a simple and easily accessible format that any user can access using his/her phone.

Resonable Price

Our vision is to offer a cost-effective IT strategy to people around the world. You can compare our packages with others and prove the point. We offer the best services at a cheaper price and we are able to give that because of the number of users we have thus summing up the cost which we then reduce in packages.

Proven Result

One of the ways to prove authenticity and the truth of this information is to read online testimonies and comments from customers who have tried our services. All are happy and recommending our services as the best online marketing strategy at an affordable price that fits into any budget.

SEO Services Of our Company

Like any other search, online marketing is all about information and understanding the niche and if you are to make it to the top in the internet world then you need to pick some of the best SEO agencies in Bangladesh.

Our company has a lot of input it can render into your website all the way from optimization to monitoring.




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Our team

Our team is made of web designers, app designers, SEO specialists, content creators, graphic designers, and an online marking team all dedicated to giving your website all it needs to start ranking high. Our team also offers some domain assistance on which keywords to use so that you can compete in your niche.


Sazzad Hossain

Sazzad Hossain

CEO & Founder

Waqar Hasan

Waqar Hasan

CEO & Founder

Tanvir Muntasir

Tanvir Muntasir

CEO & Founder

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Find & fix the issues that undermine your SEO


  • Up to 10 Keywords Optimized
    technical SEO implementation
    Initial content development: 10 Pages
    Local Search Optimization
    Link Building
    Dedicated Digital marketing experts


Improve your rankings, Increase qualified Traffic


  • Up to 20 Keywords Optimized
    technical SEO implementation
    Initial content development: 20 Pages
    Local Search Optimization
    Link Building
    Dedicated Digital marketing experts


Make Significant gains in your search performance


  • Up to 30 Keywords Optimized
    technical SEO implementation
    Initial content development: 30 Pages
    Local Search Optimization
    Link Building
    Dedicated Digital marketing experts

What Our Client Says

Ashraful Islam

CEO- BestHairStraightenerDeal

If you are looking for a diligent team that is also dedicated to what they do, linkToRank is the where you need to be. They do a complete on-point analysis that puts your website where you need it to be. They lifted a big burden off our shoulders because they handled the actual implementation of posting the audits. I would recommend them over and over again.

Maruf Muppy

CEO- SewingList

They are super friendly with their clients and always take the time to prove information and recommendations whenever it is required. They are good at what they do and passionate about it. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable SEO firm in Bangladesh.

Moshiur Ovi

Founder- FirmWareLink

Recommended! Litorank has been working on my website for the last six months, and the results are impressive. They are thorough and dedicated to their work. In the short time, we have worked together, my website’s ranking has improved concerning some keywords. Linktorank came up first in my Google search for SEO companies, and I knew they had to be the right company.

Zahin Muztahid

Founder- a2zrom

With all confidence, I can say that they are the real deal. They offer proactive services, are easy to work with, and transparent. Their results are startling in comparison with other SEO companies I have consulted before. I will contract them again in future and will recommend to all my friends having trouble with their websites.

Hamiduzzaman Rusho

Marketing Head

I would like to give my sincere thanks to all the Linktorank SEO team in relation to Sazzad who was one of the personnel that was assigned to help my project from its initial state. I will also like to appreciate her dedication and creative effort that give my website a quick response and really happy and contented with your services.

Aminul Islam

Marketing Head- Trimattra Interior

We  have worked with this company for years now and we couldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your efforts guys. The domain is working well and our website has achieved all of our needs online and once again we say thank you for the job well done.

Our SEO Process & Promice

Here are some of the packages you will get when working with our SEO provider.



These are routine checkup and optimization process done by SEO company to check whether the website is working according to the required niche. Our company has many years in auditing business websites and troubleshooting any keyword twist in the market. This means when working with our company will always ensure that your website is up to date and has all it takes to make it competitive.

Technical SEO

The Technical SEO approach is the web design and cache troubleshooting that help your website link up with appropriate content. this helps you and your business to reach people of benefit or customers who are interested in your business. Through local and demographic approach our company is able to technical adjust your system to reach your audience.


Keyword Research

In order to make it online or be able to rank higher on google search, it is wise to always have a strong and competitive keyword. And this means you have to be so wise when selecting your keywords. Our company has many years in SEO operations and has what it takes to have a competitive keyword. We will also ensure that your website uploads have all the niche requirements and google search engine needs to see your website grow.


When it comes to web marketing and online promotions your ranking plays a key role in traffic generation and site visiting. Having a website that ranks on the first page means that most online users will click on your page and some of the users will have a useful impact on your site. Most online buyers tend to buy or shop on a website that appears on their front page and this is all we aim at giving our customers.

Location Demographics

Location demographics is all about giving your website that niche specialization whereby your site is able to reach your local customers. Our company has an SEO approach that will link your site to your customers. Reaching many people across the world can be nothing but linking you up with your customer will give your site clients who are contributing positive contributions to your site.


Content Strategy

A website is nothing without content and when we say content, we mean original and creative content. Our company offers some of the best content creators and this can be done to your website. Content is all you need to drag in your clients into your business but this information should be relevant to your business. Working with us is more than linking your site with a domain it is more about improving your business and other relevant information to your customers.


Content Writing & Editing

Our company is all about improving our customers, and one of the ways is to ensure all the content you upload to your site is relevant, unique, and creative. A blog that gives your customers all they need all from buying tips, using advice, and shopping experience. Our company has an experienced team in content creation and site editing making your site one of the best and strongest in the market.


How much time does it take to get results from your SEO services?

It all depends on your SEO provider but good service should always ensure his/her customers receive their feedback on time. Our company for instance has a 24 hours customer service which means you will always have an immediate result on your website actions and its operation online.

How do I know whether you are the right company when it comes to SEO services?

With the number of options available in the SEO marketing world picking a good and dependable choice can be hard. But with some ideas on how to pick and some key qualities of a good SEO company you can make a quick pick. We understand the market better and a good SEO service should always provide full web hosting. All the way from hosting, designing, graphic editing, content creation and editing to auditing. Also, a good option should always rank high on google platforms you can read comments and testimonies.

Do you offer a monthly SEO package?

Depending on the company’s terms you choose but with our company we offer monthly and even weekly packages all at an affordable price. Depending on your budget our company has all you need to make your site grow.

What are the different types of reports that I can expect while opting for any of your SEO packages?

Some of the reports you will expect from SEO packages include a daily report on the website actions, auditing report, content creation ideas, tips on how to select your keywords, and many more reports. All these reports are a result of online searches and actions that customers are looking and with this information, you can create something people are looking for online.

What is the cost of carrying out SEO services?

The cost of carrying an SEO package ranges from 250$ to 1000$ all depends on the type of service you want an SEO company to give or add to your website. Most of our services are somehow cheaper than this which means working with us is somehow cheaper and economical.

Role of SEO in Business Perspective of Bangladesh

The main role of SEO provides in the Business perspective of Bangladesh is to give a business an online presence and as the world continues to step towards online shopping equipping the business with this means a lot in the future. The SEO process involves web design, app design, and graphic design for companies with no online websites.

Best SEO Agency in Bangladesh

One of the easiest ways to increase your online presence as a company is to work with a good SEO service provider. Take your time and try to assess different SEO in Bangladesh before you make your final choice. It is then our hope that you consider our services because they all aim at giving your business the best.


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