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“Mediocre marketers think in terms of campaigns. Great marketers think in terms of growth frameworks.

“ – Neil Patel

Who We Are

This is a Digital Marketing Agency that helps restore the online presence of a variety of websites and in turn enable them to make money within a short period. LinkToRank has indeed achieved tremendous growth since its creation in 2015.

The company, located in Bangladesh, provides SEO experts who have immense experience and are highly conversant in converting organic search into sales. The company works on improving the ratings of a website and ensuring the website is exposed to its customers. This is usually achieved by analyzing the factors that affect Google algorithmic and how to use those factors as an advantage. The various penalties that influence Google ratings are also deeply considered for the utmost benefit of the website. In a nutshell, LinkToRank deals in Social Media Control, email marketing, web design, Brand Design & Strategy and website development.


The mission of the company is precise and authentic. It states that it intends to be the leading web development firm of choice by providing top expertise in email marketing, web designs, Social Media Management, Brand Design & Strategy and website development which will help the clients grow their enterprises.


Just like any company, LinkToRank aims to offer professional expert services to its customers through the application of dynamic web-based and mobile applications with innovative solutions through the use of emerging tools that incorporate internet marketing, the latest programming, business research and application design. 

Importance of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is quite relevant in connecting both the seller and consumer. It is usually the promotion or advertising of products and brands through various forms of electronic media. Through digital outreach, a company highly increases its revenue considering how it reaches a huge base of consumers within a short period. Digital marketing gives knowledge of the customers’ tastes and preferences and it is more cost-effective as compared to traditional marketing. Conversations between clients and sellers are made possible and easy.


Don't waste time

The company ensures there is no time wastage in the provision of services considering how precious time is. It provides successful websites at the right time convenient for customers.


Right Way For you

LinkToRank is the right way for consumers with its versatility of experienced agents that can rectify problems in an instant. Their creativity is also unmatched.

No Extra Charge

Consumers are not required to make any extra charges on the services received. The maintenance and updates provided are financially manageable.


The company uses advertisement tools such as copywriting. This is where the text of advertising products is written on public material. This easily creates exposure for the product.

Content marketing

LinkToRank provides content marketing strategies that are helpful to customers. This happens before the use of social media where a rapport with the audience is established to convince them of the competency of the product.

Lead Generation

The company has awareness of the lead generation to which a product is provided regarding their tastes and preference.

e-commerce Consulting

The company also plays a role on behalf of its customers through e-commerce consulting where it analyses the market and makes strategies on how to sell the product.

Our Speaciality

The company is vastly specialized in several tasks. It for instance focuses on designing and developing websites. LinkToRank here creates a website that focuses on factors like layout, user interface and other visual imagery to make the website more visually appealing and easy to access. Techniques on Social Media Management are also offered. The website is adversely promoted and advertised through social media platforms.

Why Choose Us?

Our company largely deals in helping the consumer create the name, logo and design of the brand in the subject. This ensures the brand is authentic with an alluring outlook. Tips on email marketing are provided by the company. This is where a consumer is shown how to quickly engage with his leads and nurture them into loyal customers. Such specialities including Strategy and Website development make the company quite effective and preferable.

Why Choose Us?

It is smart and advisable to choose LinkToRank for one’s needs. They are effective and got one covered as far as brand design and strategy is concerned. They have experts who specialize in brand design and develop a strategy effective for client marketing. Choosing LinkToRank will help in profitability and improve brand awareness strategies. The company is cost-effective. They also undertake email marketing to ensure clients are addressed on time. This ensures one can air his views on any new products and get immediate feedback through emails.

Our Services

According to LinkToRank, Worldwide reputation is the dream of every company and it wants to achieve it through its work.

Web Development

Web development is a key aspect of LinkToRank and it has all the necessary tools in making sure the websites created are appealing, intuitive and unique. It is related to website design for hosting on either intranet or internet. It is also the making of web applications that are dynamic and authentic. There is a lot of creativity involved in web development which ensures the customer is satisfied.


Advertisement is key for any business that wants to prosper. The company ensures that there is enough advertisement of the brand or website through its social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. This in turn makes the product to be known by a large group of customers and thus profits are easily realized. LinkToRank are  highly justify their mission.


Branding is such an important aspect in the world of sales. LinkToRank creates a positive and strong perception of their customer’s product. It provides essential services such as logo design and a consistent theme in the creation process. The final products have an appealing outlook with an original nature which is an advantage when it comes to acquiring consumers.


Search Engine Optimization is the act or procedure pf improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a specific web page from alternate search engines. The company is highly effective in making a website better than it was before, It ensures the brand is well exposed to the public and prices are stable.

Apps Development

Apps have now modernized and connected different businesses to customers through smartphones. Online orders are easily done through apps. In retrospect to this, LinkToRank has invested in ways on how apps can be developed for those who need them. We creates apps for a variety of uses which is highly appreciated by the consumers.

Graphic Design

Customers make decisions depending on what they see. LinkToRank provides Graphic Design tools that create an attractive outlook to a product. These are the visual elements that act as the face of a brand to communicate those intangible qualities through images, shapes and colour. They play a key role in making purchases.

Our Partners

The company is under great leadership considering how decisions such as those of acquiring partners are done. Famous and financially capable companies such as Sky, Global, Dave and Spike have partnered up with LinkToRank. This is such an innovative investment.

Our Features

Just like any company, LinkToRank has a vision or goal that it seeks to achieve in the long and short run.


Industry Experience

There are provisions for industry experience considering how the agents employed have vast experience in web design.

Modern Technology

The company has adapted to the changing world when it comes to technology considering how much it employs modern digital technology.


Creative and Professional

The personnel involved in the company are creative and professional especially when dealing with customers.


Complete Solution

Solutions to website problems are readily provided by the expert agents working there. All issues are critically addressed.

100% Result Guarantee

It is with no doubt that a 100% Result guarantee is a major aim for the company. It in turn meets this standard effectively.

Why we are Best?

LinkToRank is undoubtedly the leading and finest SEO Service Company especially regarding how effective and customer friendly it is. It is cost-effective and customers even have a say on how they want their products to be designed. In addition to this, immediate feedback is easily provided to consumers. It provides a variety of ways that enhance web development. Customer satisfaction is the number one concern for the company. LinkToRank aims at providing websites that attract the right kind of visitors and guides them to the preferred service. There is also room for future relations with the contact details provided. There is support for social media platforms which creates a wider market for products. It is crystal clear how efficient LinkToRank is to the web world.




Custom Design

Client Communication

Better Service

Our team

The company wants to prove itself to its clients through the quality work it does.

Sazzad Hossain

Sazzad Hossain

CEO & Founder

Tanvir Muntasir

Tanvir Muntasir

CEO & Founder

Waqar Hasan

Waqar Hasan

CEO & Founder

Latest From Blog

The latest from the blog is mentioned by Adam Audette. He simply states that ‘Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic — it’s about ‘get targeted and relevant. It is quite an inspiring message.

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It is possible to join the website at any time of the day considering it is among the few companies that offer services to its customers on a 24/7 basis. They are always free to meet new consumers and give feedback on emerging issues at any time of the day.


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Most basic features. Best for starters
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What Our Client Says

Several clients have given testimonies or proof on how the company met their needs. With such positive remarks from the clients, it would be wise to do business with LinkToRank.

web design company in dhaka

Tanharul Islam


Tanharul Islam, a CEO, highly recommended LinkToRank saying how the company maintained a level of professionalism and completed the work on time.

Md Aminul

Marketing Head
The company had great service and kept him posted the entire time. He understood the whole process involved and had an amazing time working with the company. He also revealed how excited he was for any future meetings with the company.

Amanul Sovon

Marketing Head
My business boomed immediately after he allowed LinkToRank to run and maintain his social media accounts. He furthermore said how effective the company was in making his website pleasant to look at.

Sabbir Ahmed

Marketing Head
Sabbir Ahmed said how he at first had concerns but to his surprise, the work was authentic and above his expectations. He showed his relief saying the process was flawless without any wrangles or ill-fortune.

Al Mukit

Marketing Head
Al Mukit stated how LinkToRank has never let him down in all projects they have undertaken. He showed how the company paid keen interest in all the work and their creativity was on a higher level as compared to other companies.

Golam Azad

Marketing Head
The CEO of Metropowertek regarded the members of LinkToRank as a team of diligent and creative minds. He was proud of the business process and looks forward to other future endeavours. He moreover said that the teamwork seen in LinkToRank is amazing.

The company is highly effective and it is quite motivating in its beliefs that “Impossibilities are not our forte” as long as they are realistic, if you are looking for a web developer in Bangladesh, LinkToRank is the pre-eminent place to go.


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