Google now consider many things in ranking websites. Load time is one of the factors Google consider in ranking sites. If your site loads slowly, it could negatively affect your Google ranking.

There is nothing as annoying and disappointing as slow site loading. Many people will not like to visit such a site again.

Because of the frustration many people encounter with that, Google started to consider loading time in ranking sites in April 2010.

Google started to downgrade such sites because it could force people to look for other search engines when such sites begin to load slowly.

Google knows the consequence when people choose other search engines; it means a reduction in revenue.

Google changed the parameter in 2010; they decided that website speed will play critical roles in ranking website on their search engine.

Even slow performing mobile sites are not left out. Google will penalize such sites. The punishment varies, but one of them is that the site will be drastically reduced in ranking.

If you are a webmaster, you must identify those factors that can slow down your site and work with them to increase the speed.

When a site performs poor and slow, users complain and because of poor user experience, they can petition Google.

Such sites therefore will not be promoted in Google ranking; instead, they will be demoted.

Google is disturbed by the fact that slow loading sites slow down the internet.

Such should not be encouraged. Webmasters must work out ways of facilitating sites load time and there are different ways of doing that.

You have to identify those factors that slow down your sites.

Some of them are as follows:
Site host: the major cause of slow site is web host service you select.

Usually, it depends on what you demand for, or what you paid for. If you go for a cheap or free web hosting service, you should expect a poor quality service.

While choosing a company to host your business website, consider your business volume and select a hosting arrangement that is perfect for the website size.

Too many large images
Another thing that slows down your site loading time is the number of large images in the site.

Do not burden your site with large images, which can take plenty of time to load.

Embedded media
Sometimes webmasters have to include external embedded media such as videos.

These could be helpful, but it can slow down your site loading ability.

If it is possible, you can host videos using your personal server.

Browsers and plugins
When you use un-optimized browsers or apps and plugins, it can slow down your site.

Such browsers do not load the site in the expected way, and it can take long time to load completely.