SEO Training in Bangladesh

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LinkToRank is providing the Best SEO Training in Bangladesh. We only believe on top ranking which means organic traffic for a website. Our experts knows organic traffic increase selling.

They also know more than 90% of internet user doesn’t look at the 2nd page in search engine after their search. So ranking is very important for any kind of online business. They know how to rank on first position on search engine & we provide  SEO Training for our students. In this online world every company need to promote their business.

So Search Engine Optimization is only one marketing activity for most local & international business. Every company needs an expert to promote their website & boost their sell. Without ranking online business is impossible. If you want to sell your own products or work with Google ad-sense you need ranking to grab more organic traffic. We are provider of SEO training & our pricing is very much affordable.

In this online world you can find a lot of SEO based jobs in online market place. So you can easily find your jobs & make money from your work. Now it’s not enough to set up a Website and anticipate customers to approach pouring in.

Class –1

On-page Optimization

On-Page SEO Tricks

Introduction of On-page

Long tail Keyword Research

Class -2

Select Domain name

Url Structure

Image title optimization

alt tag optimization

Class -3

Create Meta Keywords

Create Meta Description

Target a Country

Create Robots.txt

Class -4

Headings Tags using

SEO friendly Content Writing

Keyword density

Anchor Text

Class –5

Link Title

Sitemap & webmaster Tool

Importance of Alexa

Blackhat Vs Whitehat

Class -6

Role of WordPress

Recommended SEO Tools

Off-page Optimization Course

Importance of backlink

Class -7

What is Do-Follow

No-Follow Backlinks?

What is Google Page Rank?

Easy way increase Page Rank

Class -8

Submit on search engine?

What is directory Submissions?

What is Press Release?

Back-link from blog comment.

Class -9

What are Classifieds postings

Forum Posting

Business listing

Create Social Bookmarking

Class -10

Google & Bing Algorithms

Social Networking site

What is RSS Feeds?

How to exchange link?

Class -11

Search engine algorithms

Why Google penalize website

Panda Algorithm

Google Penguin

Class -12

What is EMD?

Save site from Google Panda

Recover your site

404 Error Redirects

Class -13

301 / 302 redirection

Design WordPress Blogs

Google AdSense

Affiliate Marketing

Class -14

Facebook marketing

YouTube Marketing

Twitter Marketing

Digital Marketing Basic

Class -15

Using Google Analytics Tool

Backlink creation

Adsense keyword

Search engine algorithms

Revision Class- 1

Revision of all Class

Revision Class- 2

Special Revision Class



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SEO Training

So if anyone wants to promote their website they need experts to promote their website. Now it’s time to learn & outsourcing money from home. So come to us for best & earn a lot of money from your home.

Make Money

SEO is only one way to promote online business. It can build or smash your business. So you need to learn white hat SEO for promote a website. You can learn white hat from us because we have the Best SEO Training Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. So if you can learn, then you can earn from online market place or from Google Ad-sense which is a revenue-sharing opportunity for small, medium and large web-sites.

Training Method

We know how to drive organic traffic from search engine. Organic traffic is very much important for targeted visitor. We use step by step process to teach best for our student. In short, first we will teach you about how to work search engine. Then we will give you a clear sense about on & off-page as well as Google’s algorithmic updates. So you can easily learn with us. We provide the best SEO Training in Bangladesh using step by step process. So join with us to learn & make money online.