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“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”
Christopher Dayagdag

Who We Are

LinkToRank has achieved tremendous growth since inception in 2015. We are specialists in web designs, Social Media Management, email marketing, Brand Design & Strategy and website development.

We’ve got you covered since we understand that it might be tough to run businesses without presence in the net.

In LinkToRank “Impossibilities are not our forte” as long as they are realistic.


To be the leading web development firm of choice by providing top expertise in web designs, Social Media Management, email marketing, Brand Design & Strategy and website development which will enable clients grow their enterprises. Worldwide reputation is the dream of every company and we want to achieve it through our work


We aim to provide professional expert services to our customers through application of dynamic web-based and mobile applications innovative solutions through use of emerging tools which incorporate latest programming, internet-marketing, business research and application design. We want to prove ourselves to our clients through our work.

Save Time. Save Never. For Free

Web development is a task associated with website design for hosting on either intranet or internet. It is also the creation of web applications which are dynamic. It’s the art of bringing creativity on board for an attractive website that provide the necessary information about a particular brand/company.

My services for web development include


Web design

Successful website attracts the right kinds of visitors.


Website Development

Web Design Experts! Get Instant Solution!


Maintenance & Updates

Good Design for Good Business.


At LinkToRank we engage the client to know what they want to put out there for their client/audience. We advise on the best way we will design and develop the website to suite our client’s needs. We take our time to understand the client products and services they offer.


We design the website for our client and update them every step all the way. This is to ensure we won’t redo the process many times. During design we put our creativity at its best. We input valuable information that helps your brand outstand out in the market compared to your competitors.


After we are done with the designing process we polish the website to ensure it’s at its best. We go through all the information in details to ensure there are no errors. We refine the colors and ensure your logo is standing out.


It is vital to build your site frequently. You build your content to give your audience reasons to visit time and again. You can’t let your website be boring, you have to keep it updated. It is also importance to update any changes that take place with your products/services.



“A successful website does three things:
It attracts the right kinds of visitors.
Guides them to the main services or product you offer.
Collect Contact details for future ongoing relation.”
― Mohamed Saad

Why Choose Us?

We got you covered as far as brand design and strategy is concerned. We have a team of experts who specializes in brand design and developing a strategy that will work best for the client marketing. We also support social media engagement. You can outsource us to keep your social media platforms active. We take care of your audience and give them responses. We build on their critics and analytics. We are the best in web designing. We area fast growing technology company based in Bangladesh since 2014.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing LinkToRank for your design needs, will help in your profitability and improve your brand awareness strategy. We are cost effective. If you are looking for a web developer in Bangladesh we are here for you. We will take care of all your needs and ensure you are well covered. We also undertake email marketing to ensure you reach your clients on time. This ensures you are able to share with them information on your new products and you also get their comments or complains on time.

Our Services

For development of a website it can be done either from scratch or you can use a template. Based on the client needs is what determines which way to follow. We ensure we advise our clients accordingly. This helps to ensure that we give our client the best. Below are how we develop both from scratch and from a template.

My services for web development include:

Web Design

During website design we work on how the website will look like, the main tasks will involves graphic design, interface design, authoring standardized code and property software, user experience design and search engine optimization. We have all the necessary skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of website.

Branding and Logo

We work to give you a good branding for your company. We ensure it is easy to search and find all the necessary details of the organization in the website. We advise our customers to use logos that are outstanding and unique to their brands only. Such that when one sees a company logo they can tell which company it is without reading the name.

Content Strategy

We help our clients in developing strategic content that will help to market themselves better. We focus on creating and distributing valuable, appropriate and reliable content that will attract and retain appropriate audience. You are able to provide relevant and useful content for your customers and prospects to help them resolve their issues.

Build From Scratch

The first step is selecting a host and a domain name. The host is the company that provide the server and the domain name is your URL. You can decide to build your website from these three main ways. One is using HTLM, blogging platform like WordPress or use WYSIWYG.

Choose Premade Template

This is the easiest way to create a website compared to build from scratch. It saves you both time and money. It gives you an opportunity to play around with different creativity and see what will work best for your website. Choose a template for your business.

Maintenance and Updates

It is paramount to ensure your website is updates regularly. As LinkToRank we ensure we update our clients’ site time and time to ensure they audience are updated. We ensure to bring new content to keep the site fresh and good looking all the time.

Our Partners

Below are some of our work. We have developed for some of our clients.

Our Skill

Below are some of our skills.

Professional skills entails – Technical skill – JavaScript – Project management – Time management

Technical skill

HTML skills helps to read, edit and solve small problems. It’s not a skill for web developers only. CSS; helps you to work on the visuals of the design.

Web Server Management

Web Server Management Skills comes in handy when the servers are down and helps to save time on waiting on server expert to come on board.

Project management

Project management skill help to manage the project and utilize the available resources well to meet all the project requirements. we deliver on time.

LinkToRank- After Sale Services

We offer build up, refine, maintenance and content update to our clients to ensure they keep their sites up to date. In case you encounter any challenges we are available to help and get you back on track. We have a dedicated client’s service department.


Professional skills entail


24/7 Support

Custom Design

User experience design

Our team

The initial requirements are a domain name, a website and a web server. The website needs to be uploaded so as to enable it to be searched. LinkToRank ensures that all this is done and the website runs

Sazzad Hossain

Sazzad Hossain

CEO & Founder

Websites creation is done with search engines being considered.

Tanvir Muntasir

Tanvir Muntasir

CEO & Founder

Designs must be compliant with search engines requirements.

Waqar Hasan

Waqar Hasan

CEO & Founder

Any new legal developments depending on the jurisdictions.

Satisfied Clients

Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects

Team Members

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“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

― Paul Cookson


Best for Personal Website


  • Up to 10-page
    Blog included
    Free SSL – Security
  • Dynamic Contact Form
  • SEO optimized
  • WordPress Website
  • Speed optimization
    Delivery time upto 10 Days
  • One Year Free Support


Best for Corporate Website


  • Up to 20-page
    Blog included
    Free SSL – Security
  • Dynamic Contact Form
  • SEO optimized
    WordPress Website
  • Speed optimization
    Delivery time upto 15 Days
  • One Year Free Support


Best for E-commerce Website


  • Up to 50-page
    Blog included
    Free SSL – Security
  • Dynamic Contact Form
  • SEO optimized
    WordPress Website
  • Speed optimization
  • Delivery time upto 20 Days
  • One Year Free Support

Waht Our Client Says

web design company in dhaka

Tanharul Islam

I highly recommend LinkToRank. They maintained high level of professionalism and they finished their project on time. We were able to complete the project on time.

Hasan Dip

Founder- Trimattra Interior

Got great service, they kept me posted all the way. It was easy to work with them and I was able to understand the whole process. Looking forward to doing more project with them.

Golam Azad

CEO- Metropowertech

Want to meet a team of diligent and creative minds. LinkToRank is composed of it was our honor to do business with you.  Their team work was amazing

Amanul Karim

Co-Founder- Udjapon

My business has boomed after I sourced them to manage our social media platform. They engage the clients quite well and develop content that has been helpful to my business.

Al Mukit

Marketing Head
They have always paid good attention to details for all the projects we have done with them. Their creativity it’s just on different level. You can try.

Sabbir Ahmed

Marketing Head
We had a challenge at first and I had this feeling that we might not work so well. But with time it became flawless and their services were above expectations.


How do I choose a domain name?

Choosing a domain name depends on what it will be used for. Industry practice demands you choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell over the phone. The name should be easy to remember, clear and matching your logo.

How long do I have to wait to have my website designed?

Time taken to build a website depends on the specifications of the client. Template based designs are faster to complete compared to designing from scratch. It takes a shorter time if the client has the content rather than when the content has to be developed.

At what cost does it take to develop a website?

The cost of each project depends on the client’s requirements or complexity. Template based are cheaper than new designs. Projects are assessed differently and will always try to come up with reasonable prices depending on the client’s budget and specifications.

For startups how do I make my business to be felt online? What are the critical steps?

The initial requirements are a domain name, a website and a web server. The website needs to be uploaded so as to enable it to be searched. LinktoRank ensures that all this is done and the website runs.

What do I need in terms of graphics, text and pictures for my website?

We encourage that the client provides them in electronic format or what is known as digital format. However in cases where this is unavailable we can always lend a hand and get your information loaded on the net.

What does it take to update my website?

Website can be updated differently. The method used depends on the client. Small websites may only require changes once in a while it will be cheaper to request LinkToRank to do the changes for you depending on the new content. We have an online management of content which is accessible to clients. This platform allows clients to update on their own.

What guarantees do I have that my website will always be available?

LinkToRank have been up and running for several years. We regularly carry out backups to ensure that data is not lost incase our servers fail. We are up to-date with current trends as far as cloud computing and backup systems are concerned.

How will my customers view my website? Will it be the same for everyone?

Everyone will view some details differently depending on the web browser used. Customers may have different computer setting like screen resolutions which affect the way websites are displayed. Our design teams take this in consideration and test the websites using different web-browsers and screen resolutions.


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